Catbot the Chatbot Update

christmas cat

Just a short chatbot update: I’ve added a bit more code to Catbot the Chatbot. I wanted the chatbot to be able to pull restaurants from a custom Google map but haven’t been able to figure out how to do so. The excellent team over at¬†Dexter¬†confirmed that I was heading in the right direction by wanting to use their GET function to complete this task, but it doesn’t seem like there’s an API for Google My Maps.

Back to the drawing board – I opted for the simple way out and just updated Catbot’s current database so it has a bit more to play with. So, you should get a bit more out of your Catbot chats now than before. Dexter has become even more user-friendly than when I started though; you can now use Dexter to launch an Alexa skill and it looks as simple to make as a chatbot. I don’t have an Alexa so am unlikely to partake in this, but maybe you have one?

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